Tyre Fitting

We fit our tyres speedily and safely.

Here’s an example of someone replacing a tyre:

He did a good job there – took it off and put it on without damaging the wheel, he even put a new valve in which is what you’d expect every time you get a new tyre fitted.

The only thing he missed, and this is missed by many of our competitors, is cleaning the rims.

Its important to clean the rims of the wheel before fitting an other tyre as this ensures the seal between it and the new tyre has no problems (old rubber, dirt etc.) which prevents the possibility of any deflation when you get back on the road.

This is really important as the correct pressure in your tyres increases their performance and handling.

Check out our safety tips for more information on looking after your tyres and use the contact form in the top right of this page to get a quote or have someone call you.

Alternatively, just drive up to any of our garages for your free Tyre Pressure and Safety Check.

Puncture Repair

Here at Cherry Orchard Tyres, we want our customers to be as safe on the road as possible and help you to save money by extending the life of your tyres. We do that by making sure your wheels are balanced and aligned when fitting new tyres or though out the year – just pop in.

Also, when a tyre gets a puncture or wont hold air in it, we can sort it out for you in a jiffy!

Here’s and example of a car tyre being repaired using a patch:

We plug smaller punctures but mostly you’ll see us patching your puncture as we’ve found its the safest way to keep you on the road.

Getting a puncture repaired is a pretty fast job and cheap too! We price small repairs at €5.00, “normal” ones at €10.00 and tougher ones at €15.00.

But that’s not all!

Sometimes a tyre can lose pressure for some other reason – the rim might have dirt in it, it might be dented out of shape, the valve could be faulty, etc. We can fix them all!

Car on the roadLet us help you to stay safe and on the road, call in as soon as you notice anything wrong with the handling, sound or drive of your car.

Our Mobile Service

Sometimes it might be impossible to bring your car to us for a puncture or new tyres. Whether you have an emergency on the road, or just can’t spare the time away from your office or home, we have the answer:

The Cherry Orchard Tyres Mobile Fitting Service.

One call to Clondalkin, (01) 4578086, or Ballyfermot, (01) 6231393, and we’ll send out a technician with your size and spec of tyre.

Keep these numbers handy as you never know when you might need them….

Because we can come to your home or work to fix a puncture or refit your tyres where you are, saving you the time and money it would take to get your car taken to a garage on a rescue truck.

Free Battery Check

Coming into Autumn and winter it’s best to make sure your car is ready for the cold weather so that nothing will let you down in the morning or in the rain.

To help you keep your car running we do FREE Car Battery Checks as a part of our FREE Road Safety Check.

The battery check only takes a few minutes and gives you full data on what condition your battery is in, and while one of our lads is checking that out, another can look over the rest of your car as to its readiness for the coming months.

And we sell the best brand of car batteries ever: Yuasa Batteries!

THE leading brand in car batteries!

These guys have the best reviews and ratings in several areas from motor bikes to trucks and our customers love them too!

And we keep a wide range in stock, in fact if you get stuck one morning and the car wont start because your battery is flat, just give us a call and we’ll send one of the lads round to replace it at no extra charge than the battery its self!

Prices vary depending on the size needed for your car and our staff will be happy to help you find out which one you need and give you a great deal on one as our prices are cheaper than any of the main dealer or chain stores.

We do the free battery checks at our both our garages, so you can send us an email or give us a call to set it up, or just pop in and we’ll test it for you with no obligation to yourself.